Apr  May 2021
17 12
Thursday, May 6, 2021   
Award Winner
Assassin (Crossbow)  Pig Bodine (86 assassinations with crossbow)
Assault (AR2)  PsychDoc (43 kills with the AR2 assault rifle)
Best Latency  [US] *X* (45 ms average connection)
Bombardier (Cluster)  [CA] (32 kills with cluster bombs)
Combine Baller  [CA] (11 kills with combine balls)
Eagle Eye (357)  [PE] HughBMyron (207 kills with .357)
Electrocutionist (Berzerker)  [US] seaserpentjrac (2 kills while in berzerk)
Gunslinger (Pistol)  [PE] HughBMyron (955 kills with pistol)
Hit 'n Run (Crowbar)  luc (41 bludgeoning with ol' red)
Jihadist  [US] sneaky snake (4 suicide kills)
Longest Death Streak  luc (31 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  [PE] Str1ke (30 kills)
Longest Play Time  [US] Thrillhouse (11:34:53h hours)
Machine Gunner (SMG)  interra77 (155 kills with the smg)
Most Deaths  [PE] HughBMyron (655 deaths)
Most Frags  [PE] HughBMyron (1,425 frags)
Most Headshots  [PE] HughBMyron (120 kills)
Most Improved  [PE] HughBMyron (2,516 points gained)
Most Kill Assists  interra77 (18 earned)
Most Suicides  [PE] HughBMyron (16 suicides)
Most Translocators Destroyed  [US] Bob2D2 (6 destroyed)
Nade Tosser (Grenade)  [CA] (45 kills with 'nades)
Noob Tuber (Rocket)  WONDER WOMAN (21 kills with RPG)
Payback  [PE] HughBMyron (103 revenge kills)
Physics Master (Grav Gun)  OffSet (26 kills with physics)
Post-Mortem  [CA] (20 kills)
Rage Enforcer  [PE] Str1ke (2 enragings)
Rail Reaper (Gauss Gun)  WONDER WOMAN (70 kills with the rail gauss)
Round Victor  [PE] HughBMyron (27 rounds won)
Shaft Master (Stunstick)  [PE] PenguinUvU [TTT Antiyuta] (6 kills with stunstick)
Shotty Supremacist (Shotgun)  [PE] HughBMyron (201 kills with shotgun)
Slam Whore  [US] Magnumimous (12 kills with the slam)