Feb  March 2021
Wednesday, Mar 3, 2021   
Award Winner
Assassin (Crossbow)  [US] MrBlowHorse (84 assassinations with crossbow)
Assault (AR2)  [RO] HairCounter007 (73 kills with the AR2 assault rifle)
Best Latency  [US] Nozh (38 ms average connection)
Bombardier (Cluster)  [US] popodod (71 kills with cluster bombs)
Combine Baller  [US] PsychDoc (30 kills with combine balls)
Eagle Eye (357)  [US] Magnumimous (280 kills with .357)
Electrocutionist (Berzerker)  [CR] Exozzz (3 kills while in berzerk)
Gunslinger (Pistol)  [US] Magnumimous (586 kills with pistol)
Hit 'n Run (Crowbar)  [US] popodod (147 bludgeoning with ol' red)
Jihadist  [RU] Boombi4b4 (5 suicide kills)
Longest Death Streak  Thrillhouse (55 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  Rampage (43 kills)
Longest Play Time  [US] Nozh (13:44:41h hours)
Machine Gunner (SMG)  [CR] Exozzz (80 kills with the smg)
Most Deaths  Rampage (660 deaths)
Most Frags  [US] Magnumimous (958 frags)
Most Headshots  [US] Magnumimous (59 kills)
Most Improved  pokermix (1,370 points gained)
Most Kill Assists  [US] Suga (24 earned)
Most Suicides  Rampage (23 suicides)
Most Translocators Destroyed  [US] popodod (9 destroyed)
Nade Tosser (Grenade)  [US] bonairebro (37 kills with 'nades)
Noob Tuber (Rocket)  [US] popodod (45 kills with RPG)
Payback  Rampage (53 revenge kills)
Physics Master (Grav Gun)  Rampage (10 kills with physics)
Post-Mortem  [US] popodod (47 kills)
Rage Enforcer  [US] Magnumimous (2 enragings)
Rail Reaper (Gauss Gun)  Rampage (187 kills with the rail gauss)
Round Victor  [US] Magnumimous (12 rounds won)
Shaft Master (Stunstick)  [US] {EĢN} Jx8870 [cmc] (127 kills with stunstick)
Shotty Supremacist (Shotgun)  Rampage (192 kills with shotgun)
Slam Whore  [US] bonairebro (15 kills with the slam)
Translocationalist  [US] WestHamUnited (1 kills with translocator)